Come and lay with us and we'll give you the low down. 

Silky Mynx was founded in 2020, in Milton Keynes, UK. It all started with that generic looking out of a window, drinking tea and off went a lightbulb. Well we wish…how it really went down, was sitting on the dining room table throwing a tantrum about all the beauty hacks going wrong! first the skin, then the hair! Oh, what we didn't moan about through all the moaning. We stumbled across the idea of silk... so we tested it. Hey presto what do you know, the benefits were visible in a matter of weeks. We couldn't keep this secret from you! We just had to share. That's when Silky Mynx REALLY came alive. SO Silky Mynx brings to you, 100% Grade 6A Mulberry silk pillowcases, eye masks and hair scrunchies.

So, grab your sleep gear and let's go!